Our Case

Two In August 013, and Nideke motor companies in Japan (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation relationship with suppliers, the main supply of 12 motor end cover, used in high-end household appliances, products are mainly exported to the United states;

By October 2013, Gates Winhere automobiles water pump products (Yantai) Co. Ltd. the supplier audit, December delivery, so far a total of 210 automobiles water pump housing market mainstream models of production in our company and began to supply die-casting, machining products. At the end of 2014 by Gates and North American headquarters audit, become qualified suppliers in Asia Pacific North American headquarters approved Gates;

In November 2013, reached a supply agreement with South Korea enterprise customers began to supply automobiles lamp bracket for modern products, and the Chevy motor car equipment;

In May 2014, the domestic valve industry reached a supply agreement with brand business elite Machinery Co. ltd.;

In August 2014, reached a supply agreement with the German item company;

In March 2015, reached a supply agreement with Fukang Electromechanical, machine carving and other kitchen household appliances market segment casting cooperative supply the European market, the product surface conventional electrostatic dusting.

In April 2015, reached a supply agreement with Weihai source of power, to the development and manufacture of domestic electric vehicle motor shell;

In July 2015, reached a supply agreement with the domestic high-end tooling and automation equipment enterprise, development of Germany, a new generation of intelligent bicycle transmission casting and machining, successfully completed the trial and small batch manufacturing.